Jonathan Pollinger

Jonathan Pollinger - Social Media TrainerJonathan Pollinger is a social media trainer with over 6 years experience, having founded Social Media Consultancy Intranet Future in 2009. He specialises in keeping bang up to date with social media and helping clients take advantage of the latest trends and features. Jonathan is now based in Cardiff but lived in Cheltenham for 18 years and still retains many clients in the town and surrounding areas.

Jonathan is a regular on BBC local TV and radio, writes several magazine columns and presents the weekly THE #SocialToday SHOW on Facebook Live every Monday at 8.45am.

When it comes to Joe’s Yarns, Jonathan is responsible for event promotion with social networks featuring heavily in the strategy. Having founded Laptop Friday in 2010 and run several social and business events, Jonathan brings experience to Joe’s Yarns and helps with ideas and event planning.