Charlie Markwick

Charlie Markwick telling a storyCharlie Markwick is a storyteller and has been telling stories all of his life. Under the guise of being the Yarn Whisperer (click HERE to go there) he tells stories to people of all ages. His work ranges from schools to Dementia day centres. In December each year he takes time off to visit the North Pole where he helps out a very important person (to find out more at click HERE to see more) …

Charlie’s stories are a rich mix encompassing traditional tales and his own stories. He particularly likes what he refers to as his Blended Yarns: stories that blend traditional myths and stories with real events from his and other people’s lives.

He was born in the Cotswolds and now lives in Gloucester with a dolphin. He is a step-father, grandfather and great grand-father, these are the three greatest accomplishments of his life and probably the major reason why he has become such an accomplished whisperer of yarns.